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About this site

I started this website more than a decade ago (around 2004) when I was still an undergraduate university student, as a way of helping me study.

I found by that taking difficult concepts and attempting to explain them as clearly as possible to other people, I was much better able to learn and relate to those concepts myself.

Since then I've continued to keep this website up just in case any of the material proves useful to other people. I still update it from time to time; but only when I feel like it. I've also added advertisements and the odd affiliate link over the years in an attempt to monetise the site, but to be honest, it rarely gets very much traffic. We're now living in an age where a few mega-sites like Wikipedia have become the only places where people look for information. The early days of the Web, when it felt like every second person ran and maintained their own website, are probably gone forever.

More recently, I've given this site its own domain name,, and migrated all of the content into FolderCMS. Everything still runs off my own server. Previously, each page of content was in its own separate HTML file, and as the site grew in size, it had become a nightmare to maintain! I've also been trying to make the layout easier to navigate for mobile users.


Below is an email address where you can leave me your feedback about this site. I probably won't reply, but I do want to know what you think of the site, whether there are any topics you'd like me to expand on or fix up, whether you find the ads too obnoxious, and whether you think some of my analogies go too far off the deep end!

Caveat: Don't bother to contact me if you're one of those people who wishes to debate or lecture me on something controversial, or you see a mistake that isn't there simply because your professor taught it slightly differently and you are not open to alternative interpretations! I'm not interested, and I won't be drawn in.

About this site

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